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Family Travel Times: July 2008

Thursday, 31 July 2008

A gorgeous family holiday in Western Ireland: enjoying the scenery, silence and more (July 2007)

My son loved throwing pebbles into the sea
For some time I've had a hankering to take my family to Ireland, but somehow it never happened. I imagined beautiful scenery, friendly people and a relaxed, peaceful, atmosphere, where my children could run around happily. Now I've finally been, and reality didn't disappoint.

Our trip to the West of Ireland began at Luton airport, and became the first holiday where my two-year-old son had his own seat on the plane. This was great for him, and for me. (I have had my fill of an enthusiastic child bouncing around on my lap while I am stuck thousands of feet up in the air).

After an hour-and-a-half, we arrived at Galway Airport and, having hired a car, immediately set off for Connemara.

The drive was gorgeous, through beautiful rolling hills, and my city children were astonished by all the sheep, while I loved the silence as I'm used to busy roads - these were almost deserted.


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